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Asset Allocation Interactive

View long-term expected returns and volatilities for 130 core asset classes.

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Which factors have the highest return prospects or lowest transaction costs?

Update in Asset Allocation Interactive: Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, data on the Russian equity market and yield curve are not displayed on AAI, as explained here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asset Allocation Interactive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Asset Allocation Interactive

What is Asset Allocation Interactive?

Asset Allocation Interactive (AAI) provides estimates of long-term expected returns for more than 130 assets and model portfolios across five currencies: US dollar, euro, British pound, Japanese yen and Australian dollar. 


AAI offers the ability to create, save and blend customized portfolios, and features two expected return models—valuation dependent, and yield & growth.

How do I create and save a portfolio?
To create a custom portfolio in AAI, click the ‘+ Create a New Portfolio’ text link at the bottom of the Portfolios pane in the upper left-hand list. You’ll notice the interface switches to ‘Edit Mode.’ 

In the right-hand side, the portfolio builder pane opens—you can name and weight your custom portfolio here.


The default Asset Weight allocates 100% to ‘US Cash Uninvested.’ Reallocate cash to your desired assets but inputting percentage weights in the corresponding boxes.


To finish, click on the save/ok button at the lower-right hand of the pane. Your new portfolio will appear in the left-hand pane under ‘My Portfolios,’ as well as on the scatter plot. 

IMPORTANT: To save your portfolio for future use, login or register on the website. If you choose not to do this, your portfolio will be lost once you close your browser window.

How do I use the expected return models?
AAI offers two options for models when calculating expected returns: (1) Valuation Dependent, and (2) Yield & Growth. The default model is Valuation Dependent. 


To change, click on ‘Models’ at the top of the right pane. 


From here, you have the option to select either of the two models, or create a custom blend by clicking ‘+Create New’ and inputting the blended weights for each. 

How often is the data updated on the Asset Allocation Interactive tool?
Underlying data for AAI is updated monthly. 


Users that have a website account/profile can sign up for an email alert when the data is updated. 

Can I download a printable version of what I see on the screen?
Yes. At any point while navigating AAI, users can print the chart(s) they are viewing by clicking the "Print" icon at the bottom right to prompt the print dialog. From there, users can change settings and select or deselect options from the right side of the screen before clicking the final print button.

Is there a way to switch from a scatterplot to a bar chart?
In the new layout of AAI, toggling the scatterplot view to a bar chart is no longer available. 
This is largely due to the fact that we feel a bar chart fails to represent the risk axis that a scatterplot clearly displays. 


As a workaround, the expected returns information can be downloaded to Excel for bar chart creation.

Smart Beta Interactive

What is Smart Beta Interactive?
Smart Beta Interactive (SBI) provides estimates of expected excess returns over popular benchmarks for more than 25 strategies and 15 variations of factors in addition to other success measures. 

SBI offers the ability to analyze expected excess returns, historical returns as well as various risk measures and markets. 

How do I compare strategies or factors?
SBI offers the ability to compare up to six strategies or factors by selecting the ‘Compare’ tab in the upper-center section of the tool.


Under the compare tab users have the ability to highlight items from the left-hand list to analyze a time series chart and a quantitative detail card about the highlighted strategies or factors. 

How often is the data updated on the Smart Beta Interactive tool?
Underlying data for SBI is updated quarterly. 


Users that have a website account/profile can sign up for an email alert when the data is updated. 

Can I download a printable version of what I see on the screen?
While we plan to introduce downloadable and printable reports in the future, that functionality is currently not available.